What is your second most favorite place to visit in the USA?

My second favorite place to visit in the USA is New York City. There are always new things to experience each time I go back, and the food variety and quality there is just amazing. From the food carts on the streets to a more fine dining experience, I always find amazing food while I'm visiting NYC.

In addition to the great food, I love walking through Central Park, visiting Times Square, and checking out some sporting events while I'm there.

Hope this has been helpful.

What are the best ways to calm down a child who's throwing a tantrum in public?

Tantrums are usually a learned behavior. The child has learned that when they don't like something or want something, that throwing a tantrum will cause the parents to do what ever they want to quiet the tantrum. So the key is to try to remove the issue.In a store it

Why Dhanbad is dirtiest city of India?

I am from Dhanbad so I think I can answer this question.There are several reasons behind Dhanbad being dirtiest: Coal dust: Jharia which is famous for its coal bed is a part of Dhanbad. There are many adjacent coal belts and the

Have you ever had a bad experience on Craigslist?

Yes, a scammer. I had an apartment listed for rent. I was contacted by someone claiming to be an engineer living in the UK who was moving to the US. He said he would pay 3 months in advance, and indeed sent a check. Before that check could clear, he just asked one favor: could I