What is your spookiest ghost or haunting experience?

When I was in middle school I lived in this creepy 3 story house. My brothers and I were the only ones on the very top floor. My mom was below us and our bonus room/ garage was the bottom floor. I used to keep my closet light on every night because I was so scared of that house. My mom would wake up at night hearing our garage door opening. There was one specific afternoon where my mom had let me take a nap after school. I woke up because my door all of a sudden crept open. Generally I wouldn't wake up to something that small but it's like the energy in the room just shifted. I also had three porcelain dolls on my dresser and noticed that their heads were kind of cocked toward my direction. I called out for my brothers and when I went down stairs they were both peacefully sleeping in the living room. I asked my mom and she said nobody had moved at all.

It got to a point where I'd sleep in the floor of my brothers room because I was terrified at that point of sleeping in my room. If I did sleep in my room I'd cover myself from head to toe in teddy bears and I wouldn't come out until the morning. There was one specific night when my brothers had fallen asleep and I still couldn't manage to sleep. I just lay awake watching tv when I hear this horrific growl coming from their closet. At this point I was mortified. This was a sound I had never heard before. It was loud and purposeful. I didn't have it in me to check either.

Lastly, there were a few nights in that house that I would wake up standing beside my moms side of the bed. There was even a night where my mom woke up to me collapsing in her floor and I had no memory of how I got there in the first place. I just remember crying because it scared me and when I collapsed I hit my head on her bed frame. I had never had any sleeping issues before this and never had any sleep walking patterns. I've always been able to sense when there's a presence around me that's other worldly. Generally it's an odd feeling but there's no fear, there's just peace. This house though, freaked me out. I was only 11 or 12 in this house, to feel how I felt at that age simply just wasn't normal.

My cat woke me up at about 5:00 in the morning because she wanted to go outside. As I'm putting her outside, I notice out of the corner of my eye, a short old woman walking into my bedroom. This woman has been seen before (usually a silhouette). My mom has seen her now and then. We don't know who she is because nobody ever died in our house except for pets.

I was a bit nervous but I went back into the bedroom. Yes. And fell back asleep. That's right.

Hearing doorbell and Getting up at 3am . And walking towards the maindoor and i use to open it but remembered nothing what i saw what use to happen. And strange was it was only me who use to hear doorbell and loud continuously.. but gradually it stopd and i became strong and ignored.

Does Amazon ship to Hawaii?

Yes, Amazon does ship to Hawaii but shipping days may take longer time to deliver than usual. It depends on the seller as well, third party seller may not deliver the items to Hawaiian address because they ship the items from their own fulfillment centers.Rest you can get more information

Have you ever done a good deed and gotten something in return without anticipating it?

"virtue is its own reward" - it is best to do good without desiring anything in return. This is Dharmic Wisdom. Even more important is to Think Good Thoughts - may our thoughts be Divine! Divine Life Society of 19thCentury Swami

Where can I go while visiting Philadelphia?

Kennett Square.Where most of America's mushrooms are grown. In the middle of horse country. Near Brandywine Battlefield. Big stop on the Underground Railroad. Only about one hour from Amish country. A few minutes from Longwood Gardens, Winterthur, Brandywine River Art Museum, and the Hagley Museum.