What is your take on burpees? How many a day do you need to do to get rid of 20 kg off your body weight?


Honestly , i have never done burpees seriously because its basically people do in order to get toned up and loose fat. I rely on sports (i play basketball) , resistance training and swimming to be in shape. The only time i have done burpees is to correct people who are doing wrong , to accompany my sis (she is lazy af XD) and casually sometimes when i feel lik.

But for reducing 20 kgs first of all you need alot of time and second of patience , because I presume you must be an average individual wanting to loose fat gettin in shape and stayin fit. It will take 5–6 months minimum if you follow an average diet plan which isnt hard and fast. TO DO THAT ONE CANT ONLY RELY ON BURPEES as it is only a form of cardio , although if you love doing this exercise then i think you should start with 3 sets of 10 reps in the beginning. If your body can take that pretty easily than go for 15 reps 3 sets. If you want to make burpees even high on intensity you can do one thing -




Apart from this once in my gym there was a circuit training competition which i participated in. It was lik a series of 5 exercises in continuity and it goes lik this



20 SPRINTS(between 2 points)



You have to do this continously one after another without taking any rest and this one cycle is counted as 1 set. Its a high intensity interval training which is awesome for people to do anywhere even in a room. You can start by doing low reps , later increase the repetitions when you are able to complete the first part easily.

Try to do 2 sets in the beginning.

Along with all this maintain you diet properly as we say 60% is diet 30% workout and 10% rest.


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