What jobs can a hacker get?

There are many things that you can do. Assuming that you have a qualification, you can get a job at a bank, to secure the computer network and website. If there's a credit card fraud, you would be responsible for it, maybe conduct the interview with the victim, make reports, and do some technical work.

You can get real hacking job that is very technical, such as finding vulnerabilities in a software. You will work in a team and discuss it with other software developers, about what you can do to improve the software.

You won't just do coding or penetration testing. You will also have to do stuff that are not related to computer, such as communicating the problem with others, research, etc.

Will someone hire him? Ok, computer security is a very specific branch, it's like asking if you would hire someone who is an expert in artificial intelligence. Most companies don't really put too much emphasize in the security, they usually just want someone with a background in computer science and do stuff related to database, monitor stuff, secure their network. It's just part of the job to secure the computer system. Unless if you work for a big company or a security company, it's really hard to get a job as a computer security specialist, you usually need few years of experience as a generalist first before you work as a specialist.

Is it worth it? If you like the job.

What foods are good for making muscles and joints more flexible? Also, what are no-no's?

Foods that are great for your joints are nutrient based foods and oily fishes, most of which will be included within a healthy balanced diet, these  include:Oily fishes - These include Omega 3 fatty acids which protect and reduce swelling among joints by preventing damaging enzymes. Foods which include omega 3's are - Salmon, Sardines, Tuna, Herring

Is it better to be strong mentality or strong physically?

Mentally hands down!If you are strong mentally, everything else will follow. I train in Mixed Martial Arts under MMA Pioneer Todd Medina. The first thing he taught me was I can teach you all the moves and condition you in every way, but if you don't have the mental toughness