What kind of impression do you have of Japan?

Japan is unique country, with its own charm.

As a part of the islanders culture of the Pacific, I find it very interesting and I wish it could be preserved.

I believe Japan could achieve a lot more, if the japanese are educated better and not been blinded by the extreme propaganda they are bombarded on a daily basis, forming toxic ideas, such as the one expressed by the guy bellow.

That it's Japanese. I've been trying to think of one country on Earth that has never been successfully invaded and subjected to full-on colonial rule. There may be others, but I can't think of one. We've sunk the Russian Navy, liberated China from Colonial rule, staved off Commodore Perry and his successors and have survived the world's first nuclear war without surrendering our Sovereignty. Sure we had to endure the Occupation - but it did not succeed in breaking our national will. Japan survives.

Will Madagascar eventually crash into India, Africa, Arabia, Australia or Antarctica?

Yes. If you look at the mythos given to us by geologists, you can see that the entire landmasses of the world used to be combined into a super continent known as Pangaea. In the future the land masses will "crash" as you predict, causing the entire mass extinction of all life (90%) of organisms on

Who colonized Portugal?

The roman empire colonized portugal

Can a businessman become a prime minister?

Indeed, he can! As long as he has political-standing and support and wins the majority support of elected Members of Parliament in the national elections. Deep pockets full of money are a significant enabling factor but political support is the key. If Trump,