What kinds of cars do lesbians buy?

Most lesbians - like most people - prefer cars with four wheels...only some like vehicles with two wheels. In my experience selling cars for years, gay people buy the same kinds of cars straight people do for the same basic reasons.

If you're looking for more info than that, I'm not aware of anything that's current and/or reliable. Gaywheels completed a survey in 2009 (http://gaywheels.com/2009/04/lgb...) and found some brand affinity in the GLBT population surveyed, but evidently:

1. That information wasn't as useful or interesting as it would seem, as the survey was not repeated.

2. The top-rated brands in their survey (Saab, Mini, and Subaru) are all relatively low volume and therefore more likely to be dis-proportionally represented in a smaller survey. If you're only surveying 4,000 car owners, it takes just a handful of Saab or Subaru owners to blow up your data...you'd need to survey a LOT more gay car owners to get an answer that would be scientifically sound.

However, I think asking the question "Do gay people like one particular car over another?" is more than a bit silly, mostly because I can't understand how sexual preference and car purchases are connected. What does one thing have to do with the other?

More important than the "why" is the "how": How are you hoping to use the data? How is your audience going to use the info? Are you trying to encourage your readers to form opinions about a stranger's sexuality based on the car they drive?

In summary, I think you need a new idea for an article. Gay car buyers are a hell of a lot like straight car buyers - they need the same types of cars for the same types of reasons. There's no reason to assume gay car buyers are "different," and thus no reason to ask the question.
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