What kinds of technology will we see emerge in the next 15 years?

Although 15 years is in some ways a long time, history from the last 15 years suggests that refinement of technology is much more likely that explosive shifts.

In some ways the advances even at the cutting edge of high-temperature superconductors, quantum computing, solar cells, or various biology "breakthroughs"  all face significant hurdles to wide spread commercialization. Even if we look at various kinds of robotics / AI / autonomous vehicles the the patterns of how such things will be accepted by an increasingly jaded public are very hard to anticipate. Will there protests that Uber robot cars take away jobs from people struggling in $15 an hour (or more...) minimum wage roles?  Will juries follow the lead of personal injury lawyers in deciding that the billions google makes ads mean some enormous awards to the heirs of a pedestrian that will be  stuck and killed by an autonomous vehicle?

Hard not to be skeptical.
Sensor technology .

Building affordable mini-electronic technology which can be embedded virtually everywhere - sort of nano-tech, but more real than what its perceived at this point.

Digest this one for futuristic restaurants:-

I should be able to mix nano sensors in your food (completely harmless) which should be able to enter your blood stream and measure the amount of delta serotonin or other such protein from eating the food.

Based on the delta difference of such proteins [which actually determines how satisfied you are with the food - can't fake it :-) ] the food should be charged to the customer.

Add wifi technology and radio waves to it and you would have spawned a completely new industry and experience - now that's something which is whacky but not so whacky with IoT, digital, computational power etc evolving at a rapid pace in the tech industry.
I'm guessing many of the following
  • Better batteries
  • More efficient power generation
  • Nuclear Fusion Advancements
  • Great Improvements in Computing
  • Improvements in AI / Machine Learning
  • The rise of Virtual / Augmented Reality
  • More Eco Friendly Materials and Technologies being used
  • Lots of Advancements in Bio-Tech
  • A reduce in Anti-Biotic use
  • Smaller Tech.

And I believe that's all I can think of for now.
Here is a very long article about how artificial intelligence will rule the world in the coming years. I recommend it(although it is awfully long) for getting an insight on how AI will shape everything we do.
The AI Revolution: Road to Superintelligence - Wait But Why
It also has a second part.
There is also an interesting video by one of my favourite Youtube channels CGPGrey.

There is a lot of speculation on how technology will evolve. What new tools will we use?. From drones to hyperloop trains, driverless cars to interplanetary travel maybe even more so than most people think. Driverless cars are going to go from legal to compulsory very quickly, as we realise their potential to dramatically increase road safety and efficiency as soon as every car in a system can speak to every other car.

we will use the Internet of Things to connect ourselves more and more to the digital devices in our lives, making our homes, cars, offices, cities and environment smarter and smarter. Large-scale genomic sequencing and machine learning will allow us to understand the root cause of cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative disease and what to do about it. Robotic surgeons can carry out an autonomous surgical procedure perfectly (every time) for pennies on the dollar. The digitization of data will lead to insights that will continue to drive the automation of tasks, and the automation of manual tasks will continue to shift from manual to cognitive. We are living toward incredible times where the only constant is change, and the rate of change is increasing.

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