What last made you anxious?

The last time I felt super anxious was when I was going home for the summer. After graduating high school, the amount of time I spend at home has drastically decreased. This is (obviously) because I went to college. I'm from Chicago, so I live about seven hours away from school. This means that I'm only really ever able to go home for breaks like Thanksgiving, winter break, spring break and summer.

This past summer I was so anxious about going home. I was having so much fun at school and spending an unhealthy amount of time being a kid. I was nervous for what life would be like at home. I'd have to live with my parents, work for my dad full-time, and I wouldn't be able to see a majority of my friends from school. I also had to pack up and drive home all by myself.

This made me anxious. Anxious with a capital "A".

I had stopped taking my CBD oil about a month prior and I had a week left before I was supposed to go. I started taking it again three times a day and within two days I felt much better. My anxiety about going home had simmered and I was able to think clearly about everything I had to do before I left. I would highly recommend trying it.

This is my favorite brand because it actually tastes good, unlike other CBD oils.

How many theme parks enthusiasts out there are interested in visiting Japan theme parks?

I for one am most certainly interested about visiting theme parks in Japan.Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Legoland Nagoya (under construction - scheduled to open in 2017) & Universal Studio's Japan are must visit's to any theme park enthusiast visiting Japan!

What actually happened to Adolf Hitler in the end?

Everybody thinks he shot himself in the Fuehrerbunker, but the evidence indicates otherwise. The Soviets never recovered his body (it was allegedly burned by the Germans). Stalin never believed he died in the bunker. There are several accounts of Hitler making an escape to South America by