What made you joyful today?

I was on my way to the office in the morning, passing through the tunnel that connects the subway station with the University, when I heard from the distance a busker play an instrument that sounded a lot like cello, but not quite.

"No, that can't be," I thought to myself, "I can't be that lucky!"

I walked on, and the sound became more distinct. Clearly there was no vibrato; could it be a viola da gamba - in Helsinki, late in the autumn, when most leaves are fallen, and most tourists have left the city already?

Finally I was close enough to see the young man playing the beautiful ancient-looking instrument.

It really was a gamba.

That tunnel is as ugly as they come, but the acoustics are surprisingly good.

When he played, it sounded as if we had been in a cathedral.

And he was remarkably talented.

I was in a hurry, so I couldn't stay for a long time, unfortunately. But it was like a peek into a different era, a different place without any hurry.

That feeling has accompanied me throughout this day.

The sunlight. Watering the plants. Brushing the dog. Petting the cats. Talking with a friend. Getting equipment I needed. Planning for the week. Planning for the future. Planning menus. Walking the dog. Talking a bath.

Why did NRIs move back to India?

One can't generalize here so I will give you my reason for moving back: familyMy wife, son and I have US citizenship (and Indian OCI). About a year ago, I was at the crossroads, wondering about work-life decision I had to take: My dad, who had been diagnosed

Has a student ever made you cry?

It was three years back...I was doing my Junior research on English Language Teaching (ELT). I had enough and more hours free and to make it useful I began teaching Communicative English to the hostel students. One among them is our protagonist. He was visually impaired

Does South Africa have nukes?

You keep asking these questions when its pretty easy to just look it up.South Africa once did posses nuclear weapons, but then got rid of them. Because well... Why does a non-aliened African nation need nukes.Simply put they don't.At Current the nations with Nuclear weapons are.United States. (North