What makes a snake so dangerous?

it depends on the species. Most snakes are harmless. Usually dangerous snakes are the venomous ones. And what makes a venomous snake dangerous?

  1. The type of venom used and the amount of venom injected. Venom potency varies according to species,sometime even the subspecies, and the geographic range. For an example with the Russell's viper. The venom composition of the Sri Lankan specimens is totally different than that of the Indian specimens. That's why the Indian Russell's viper antivenom will not work for bites from Sri Lankan specimens.
  2. The likelihood of a bite. Some species are more likely to bite than others. For an example: The inland taipan may be the most dangerous snake by venom potency but they rarely ever bite. n the other hand the saw scaled viper and the Russell's vipers are accountable for half of the world's annual snakebite fatalities.
  3. The availability of antivenom. the chance of dying from a venomous bite is greater in places where little or no antivenom is available. xamples are sub Saharan Africa, rural places in South America, the Middle east and India (which has more fatal snakebites than any other country).

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