What makes a woman mysterious?

In this day and age, good luck.

Everyone seems to just openly throw themselves out there, they'd gladly tell you what kind of timber they dropped this morning. And post it. I can seriously enumerate many things to prove a point but that would be veering off the subject. So I digress..

But anyway, back to your question. What makes a woman mysterious? From my experience, it's going to be that one woman who speaks so much in her silence. She's gonna be that one who sticks in your mind for a very long time, not knowing how or why, but she just does.

And I know this one woman who did just that.

She's like the sea; a walking contradiction, a storm. Calm and peaceful yet turbulent, has so much depth and turmoil underneath. She's quiet and reserved, yet rode motorcycles and constantly danced with danger. I remember she wore dresses and moved so elegantly, only to discover that she was actually in the military!(I think she still is) She surfs on most weekends, chills at the beach..then does archery and goes to shooting ranges the next. She's an artist; draws and paints, plays the guitar, writes poetry. We'd have the most mind-bending conversations and debates about anything and everything. She's soft-spoken yet outspoken at the same time. She's really nice but definitely not a push over.Oh and never question her principles or convictions-because that's just signing a death warrant. There were also times she'd hang out with our group, only to leave 10 minutes later because she "had something to do". Then find out a week later she actually went to some camping trip in the wilderness by getting tagged on FB. Just random shit like that.

She's welcoming towards others but kept everybody at arms length. She''s close yet distant. She travels but never really talks about it, you just find out through people she went with. She's just a fucking goddamn puzzle and you just wanna unravel her but at the same time, it's best to leave her be. She's literally the most unpredictable creature I've ever met in my life and admittedly it's frustrating yet captivating . Thats just the way she is! And we all talked about her. Actually we still do. I'll put it this way: She's well-known, yet still unknown. Catch my drift?

So there you go. If that ain't a mystery I don't know what is. I can still probably go on and on here but since I'm already sounding like a fuckin creepy obsessed stalker, I'll just stop. But look. If you've met her you'd seriously understand.

So to this mysterious girl: Hey "Wild Soul"! Hope you're reading this and hit me up! It's been ages!!

**Consider this a confession.

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