What makes alcohol addictive to alcoholics?

In all honesty, because drinking makes you drunk. Alcoholics drink to escape something. It could be memories, or it could just be life. Being drunk makes life easier for some.

My family has a strong history of alcoholism. When I say strong, I mean every one of my closest relatives going back to grandparents drink or drank daily.

You'd think I would completely avoid the stuff, right?

Nope. That would be the easy way out.

Life is full of crap, but it's also full of stuff that is really fun, in moderation!

If you're drinking to escape something, then you may have a problem.

I like to drink to stay classy. (^▽^)☆

What's the craziest thing you've ever believed?

I thought WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) fights were real. As a kid I would shudder and cringe when I saw those big fighters stomping and jumping on each other and crushing their opponents.I would wonder how do they recover so soon and why don't their bones break?And I actually

Is America freer than Western European countries?

Short answer: No, its equal-ish but if I had to pick one most thing are more liberal in Europe.Long answer: USA and Europe are quite similar in overall values, and even laws.  The biggest difference is I think

Over the next 30 years, what industries will not be fully taken over by technology and still be reliant on human decision making?

Here is my simple answer: technology itself. When all the other industries rely on technology, the choices and decisions of scientists and programmers will matter the most to push the technology industry forward. Of course, this assumes that we will not build a meta-machine that can infinitely improve itself in the next 30 years, but given