What makes it easier to get up in the mornings?

Enjoyment of life!

Each day has such possibilities - meeting people, having fun, earning money so you can go and spend it, travelling, almost everything - especially when the sun is shining!

And, if you sleep with curtains closed, you would have to get up to look outside to see what sort of a day it was. Once up, what's the point of going back to bed to have to go through it all again!

Are INTJs cold in general when it comes to ending a relationship?

Not so much cold, as pragmatic. We're not emotionless robots, after all, but we're capable of putting our emotions in the passenger seat and letting our reason drive us when things get tough. There's no point in making too big a fuss when we realize that the effort required to maintain

What are the best underdogs romantic movies?

The other end of the line is a low-budget film with American and Indian actors. While the girl is very attractive, in the movie, she is definitely cast as a sort of long-shot love interest of the successful American guy. It's a nice movie that fits what you

What do you consider as strong on the squat, bench press, deadlift, pull up, standing overhead press and bent over row?

This is just too subjective of a question as I have no idea of your size or condition and there's just too many variables but I will tell you what my bests were and quantify that by saying that I never considered myself to