What makes life fun?

You make your own life fun!

It's as simple, and as complicated, as that.

Does that sound contradicting? That's because it usually is for most people!

It means you need to do the things you love and you find fun, while also being constantly bombarded by society's definition of fun and "practical".

This is why, in my opinion, many people are becoming more and more unhappy these days. A person may want to be writer- They love it! But society says it isn't practical. So they put off the writing. They pursue what society or parents say they should like or do instead.

They tell themselves they'll write "when they get the time". But they only keep making excuses and never do anything. "I'm too tired today! I'll get to it tomorrow! I'll never become a great writer anyways..."

It's really a shame that society is set up this way. It stops loads of people from doing what they find fun, and possibly even become rock stars at!

But there are also a number of examples of people who decided to take the leap into the unknown and became great. J.K. Rowling quit her teaching job, went on welfare, all to have time to write her Harry Potter books. Now she's a millionaire!

Not everyone needs to take such drastic extremes, and probably shouldn't (or maybe they should - who knows!)! But it just goes to show what can happen once you make the time to dedicate yourself to pursuing what you love.

Something could just be a hobby that you share with others and then gets recognition. Such as the famous example of Grandma Moses, who then became a notable painter.

You could also just do things in your spare time simply because you love them on addition to your job and not because you want to make money off them.

But in the end, if you want to know what makes life fun, it's up to you!

What are your values? Is what your doing on alignment with them?

What do you enjoy doing even when no one is paying you to do it? Drawing? Writing? Skydiving? Volunteering?

Does your job interest you even a little bit? If not, what else can you do for a living that you wouldn't mind doing? What steps can you take towards that?

Are you living someplace you want to be in? If not, why not? What could you do to get there?

The thing to always remember is:

Our time on this earth is limited. You don't know how long you have to live, and once it's done, there are no more chances to do the things you love. So if you're not already taking steps to live the life you want right now, then don't waste another second!

Having a fun life is possible, but only if YOU work towards it!

Thank you for reading!

A good friend can make your life so fun!

A girlfriend/boyfriend can make your life so fun!

Your parents can make your life so fun!

A good ambition can make your life so fun!

A good reason to help people can make your life so fun!

A journey to another place which you have never been before - well, after a while, can make your life so fun!

A good teaching about your life can make your life so fun!

A good teacher can make your life so fun!

It can be anything that makes your life so fun! Keep looking!

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