What makes life work?

  1. Innate Love and dedicated time for your own self -Meditation, Fitness, Grooming, Passions, Travel, Holidays etc.
  2. True love and care/ concern for your loved ones and quality time with them (not expensive gifts)- parents, spouse, kids, friends etc.
  3. Making time for your passions , better still converting your passions into direct work areas so you enjoy them
  4. Having Dreams and short/mid term goals and working in the direction of achieving them. When achieved, celebrating and dreaming higher
  5. Leading life on your own terms aligned to your own values and integrity without harming anyone. Not being someone else's puppet or smitten about being somebody that's not the true you.
  6. Making money but not getting so engrossed that you forget other responsibilities
  7. Practising detachment, no judgement and no expectations from people so trivial losses and matters don't upset you and that you accept the flow of life the way its meant to be.

What makes a good/effective musical performance?

For me, the name of the game is contrast and audience engagement.Build things up, ease them down, in both tempo and volume- and if you can help it, style. Get a good mix of feels- start out fast in the first couple tunes, then go more moderate, then slow it down, bring

If the Hulk, Wolverine, Thor and Iron Man had a fight, who would win?

Hulk. In his basic form, he is already so strong. Wolverine can keep up for a while with his metal claws, skeleton, and healing factor. Only keep up. Not really win. Ironman needs the Hulkbuster to deal with Hulk, and even then,

Why do movie studios spend millions to make a bad movie?

Rarely are bad movies known to be bad right away. There are some genre movies that don't necessarily have to be