What makes life worth being happy?

Your very existence in this beautiful world makes life worth being happy.

Life comes with many ups and downs. Some people have family issues, relationship problems, financial issues, health issues, etc.

But these problems don't bring the end to your life.

Eat as much as u can. Work as much as you want. Give love , accept love. Exercise. Feel the beauty within yourself. Meet new people. Call your old friends . travel solo. Do whatever you love to do. Dance , sing, cry, shout, sit in silence.

But never feel that this life isn't worth living.

Fall in love . get your heart broken.

Earn lot. Spend lot.

Eat. Sleep. Exercise.

Love your parents and your children.

There's is lot to achieve and lose in this life. Never give up on yourself. Start your day with a smile and go to sleep with a smile.

Good luck. You got only one life. Make it happening and beautiful. Every goddamn happiness in this universe lies within you. Love yourself . believe yourself.

There is no such thing as "happiness." You just have to be happy without it. If you have your health, that is the most important thing. Others things can be sought after. There are, however, several things that contribute to a feeling of self worth and well being. 1. Maintain/ regain health and vitality. Eat more wholesome real foods, eat less, walk more. 2. If you can obtain some amount of freedom to be yourself and make your own decisions, despite having or being in the middle of issues, is important. 3. Having goals is vital. Be on a path to somewhere. Not necessarily "success" in the eyes of the world, but on a path that you want to be on. 4. Start early taking care of yourself financially. Get out of debt, start saving. 5. Do things that make you feel good about yourself such as volunteering with charities or in your community. Life is what you make of it, for the most part. Start finding the good things around you. Eliminate some of the time wasters. Get outside and take more walks. What makes life worth being happy is the purpose you put on your path and enjoying the road you are on while you look forward. I've written a whole book on this subject if you are interested. https://www.amazon.com/How-Creat...

Life has been given to us without our permission but I believe it is the most amazing gift. We come to this world out of nothingness and we start feeling all these great emotions and we discover this incredible power that is called life even if is not a heavenly made fairy tale for everyone.

Live using your full potential and you will be happy. Love yourself and the people around you. Appreciate the beauty of this world and try to find what you really want. Who do you want to be? Sort this out and start your personal journey until you reach your goals.

You should be happy to have the opportunity to be alive. Happiness is just one decision you need to make. Live fully your every moment. Use your full potential in whatever you love doing. Find your "element" and show some respect to it, it will give you a fruitful life. Feel the love and spread it around with your kindness.

Answer these questions:

  • Who do you want to be?
  • What are your craziest dreams?
  • What do you really want to do in your life?
  • Do you have a purpose?

Waking everyday to a new adventure in the journey called life trying to be better each day than you were the day before.

Realizing this is but a very short journey....YOUR JOURNEY!

One to be lived exclusively by you!

That the meaning and purpose of life regardless of your political and/or religious beliefs is to learn.

That every human whether genius or not learns at their own pace.

That mistakes should be embraced as learning opportunities.

That society's were created by others, but regardless of what you associate or choose to belong to, you ultimately are your own sentient society of one.

Accepting this at first might cause you a sense of loneliness and abandonment, but upon your enlightenment you will accept you were alone when you left your mother's womb, and will be until you return to your final resting place...and at the very same instance are connected to everyone and everything in the Universe.

Meanwhile, be proactive in too adventure, enjoy the journey knowing even when bad things happen they are part of the journey to allow you to understand and appreciate the good, and those few epic, wonderfully great moments.

Understanding this allows you to be free yourself to be the best you can be.

So smile at the good things, cry at the amazing things, and most importantly, laugh at the bad things knowing everything in the Universe is temporary, including and especially you.

So why not CHOOSE to be happy with both your eyes and heart.

Treat life with the love, respect, honor, ambition, desire and awe you would your greatest lover.

Every waking moment!

The late great Dr. Carl Sagan said

"Somewhere, Something Incredible is Waiting to be Known."

Go find it...NOW!

I cannot agree that there is no happiness. It is in the Dictionary and has a definition.

It is how you want to think about your life and what you have and be happy with it.

I did not want to be a very rich person, I was happy just to make a good living and live the life of being in a position of not having to worry about paying the bills.

Even in retirement I am living a comfortable life and not worried about paying the bills and buying what I need.

Happiness does not only come down to money, it comes to how and what you do with your life. How you can smile at some old person who looks unhappy and make them smile, it is about treating people with respect to gain respect back.

It is about using manners and letting that car out or that person cross the road. It costs nothing to please other people and in turn you will feel good and that to me is being happy, therefore Happiness is mine.

I have even stopped all the traffic an many occasions to let a blind person cross the road and that to me is making life easier for them so it gives me pleasure which = happiness.

Doing good things and never hurting people is my way of achieving happiness.

I did my work as a vocation not a job to get rich, I did my best to keep people alive and that is good enough for me to gain happiness in my old age.

I can now say I know what real happiness is and end my days with a smile on my face knowing I did what I could to help others.

That is MY definition of happiness!

If happiness is your goal, you will never find it. It will change as you change. It is a desire, a dream, a value that is beyond the control of emotions and it has no influence on reality. Happiness is successfully adapting to the social needs of getting along with others, sharing emotions and actions without prejudgment. Happiness means growing up to take responsibility for your words and acts. Happiness is looking back to the good times,making the most of today, and not looking into the future expecting happiness to be a gift. Future happiness is a gift in abright package that cannot be opened.

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