What makes life worth living? Advices?

There are many reasons why a life is worth living. You may look into many directions to make your life worth living. But mostly its PEOPLE and GOAL .

Most people may think how does people make your life worth living. Its pretty much clear how your goal makes your life worth living. But how does people?

Let me elucidate this.

People here means the memories you make while spending time with them. The happy and sad experiences that you and others go through together . The failures and successes you face with them. Be it many or just a handful of people or just one . Be it your teammates, friends or lover. The people who feel very sad when you get sick, the people whom you are helping, etc. As long as you feel that you are not alone while you are with them your life is worth because of them

Now let us skip to few years forward. Assume that you are in a decent job have a decent family and living a cosy life. When you look back into your past what makes you feel good are the memories you made with the people. Not even the goal you achieved makes you feel as good as the memories you had while you were younger. Be it some sad memories like losing a loved one or very happy memories like watching a movie with your besties or the pranks you made on others , the mere existence of memories makes your life worth living. After this time when you meet up with your childhood friends and they recognise you and remember the happy times they had with you is enough makes your life worth.

Now this is just my opinion, there may be many reasons but main reason according to me is the memories you take to your grave with the PEOPLE.

So I advice you to make memories that will last a good impression in your life. That makes your life worth.


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