What makes life worth living when poor and single?

Life is a journey.

The starting point is different for all of us. Some start at the lowest set point, some start it at much higher. For example, if you are born in Africa somewhere in a small village, your journey will be so different than of those who were born into wealth in Los Angeles.

Yet, regardless of this set point there is a way upward.

That person in Africa can grow, improve, get better and go after his goal just as much as the wealthy one. In relative terms, not absolute terms, of course.

The secret is to get better and be better than how you were yesterday and that person in Africa can get better as well compared to his self from yesterday.

Growing and improving is, I believe, part of this journey, or actually it could even be the goal of this journey called life.

And to grow you don't need money and you don't even need a partner.

Because it is all about you.

Thanks Adam for a2a. You are lucky; being poor, single and incapacitated would have been far difficult. Life would have been worth living in that case too. At least you in a better bracket.

Find good friends. Do not lose family contact. Someone may be needy in the neighborhood; help them. Keep offering yourself for doubling up and then tripling up, and so on. Keep fingers crossed, but only momentarily. YOU HAVE TO EARN BREAD; USE HANDS TO THE MAXIMUM.

There are so many who are rich and double, but are not enjoying life they way they should be. That is another positive for you. BE THANKFUL TO CREATOR AND IN RETURN HAPPINESS WILL REACH YOU.

The same things that make life worth living when you're rich and married. They may be a little more scarce, but more isn't always better.

Google "Richard Cory".

Not being poor an preferably single for now, I wouldn't know. Life is life animals have life. Life has no program but to survive, only life that is aware of it being changed or terminated are humans.

Human existence is bounded by pain and suffering on one side and joy and ecstasy on the other. He that is poor has little to be lose and much to gain; someone that is single has freedom in the day and opportunities for the future for a relationship. The worth of your life can only be judged by those you serve and love.

When I first left home I was very poor and alone. I was not born with a silver spoon, I made myself what I am today.

So poor I had to sell my car and wait to get a cheap one, once I could afford it, then I knew I was on the right road to becoming better at making a life for myself.

It was my choice to move to the big city to look for a decent job.

I found a job living in a hotel near the centre of London and stayed there until I saved enough to be able to get a better job and a flat/apartment of my own.

I was still poor and alone. But I made friends and ‘baby sat' a young child and would take her to London Zoo. This gave me a purpose.

I stayed at the job and flat until I met someone whom I ended up marrying.

Then I started to have a family and wanted to better myself, as I left school with basic qualifications.

We have the Open university where you study at your rate, your time and then prepare to either get a qualification from them or go to a university.

I chose to give my life to helping people who were mentally ill, depressed, alone and even the poor. I did a PhD and became a psychologist.

It was not something I wanted to do when I first thought about work, I wanted to drive coaches to Europe and see all the different countries and get paid for it.

Then when I really thought about it, it would have been a dead end job with no prospects and not helping people as I had then changed my mind to want to do.

I made a goal for myself, which I scored at and it was hard work to get where I am now, but I am helping people live a decent and happy life without being depressed, or wanting to kill themselves.

This in turn made me happy in my work, as I was getting job satisfaction. I was also earning a decent living, but never getting rich beyond my wildest dreams.

I did and still do a lot of my work free for those who cannot afford it. I have always been taught by my mentor that money is not the main thing in life. The main point of doing a job is getting satisfaction, feeling that you have helped people rich and poor, and that I can retire, when I am ready, knowing I did make a difference.

The point to all of this is to show you that there is a possible life of doing a good job, living a good life and having a good wife that will put up with me being called anytime day or night.

You need to make a goal that you would like to attain and be the best you can at it so that you will feel that at the end of the day you can say you did a good job and no one can say you are not working, sponging off the government and would be giving something to the people that will be of use, even if it is bus driving.

It comes down to knowing your limits, learn what you need to learn, do not say you cannot be bothered, and make a good life that you will enjoy.

If you are asking this question about yourself, I do hope you will soon get yourself some work to better yourself no matter what job it is, as that is a start.

Then hopefully you will learn a skill or be able to go to a college/university and learn some thing that you really want to do.

To me it does not matter what job you do, even cleaning the streets, washing dishes, whatever, it is a worthwhile job, but you are keeping the city clean. In other words doing your bit for your community.

I wish you well and hope you will think carefully about being at your lowest ebb, as there is only one way to go and that is up from the bottom.

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