What makes life?

Wow! You may have hit the jackpot with this one. Nobody knows what "life" is. They talk about living things, but how did they become "living"? A bunch of chemicals getting hit by lightening? Pretty stupid idea. How would that create "life". How many puddles would dry up? How many would get hit just right How would electricity create life in the first place? Why doesn't it happen all the time? Well, it doesn't. And electricity has nothing to do with it. Life seems to be some sort of energy that is passed from one living thing to another. Things can only live if they get that energy somehow. When someone dies, the energy is gone forever. Where did the original energy come from? Nobody knows. Where does it go? Nobody knows. What is it? Nobody knows. You can zap puddles of chemicals every day, you can create the most complex android that simulates everything a human can do, and it won't be alive. If life is easy to create, it would have been created in laboratories around the world by now. Scientists have been replicating early earth for decade and zapping it with everything they can think of. No life. That may mean that there is no other life out there but right here. Maybe life is so difficult to create, that Earth is the only place it exists.

What is Australia's business etiquette?

Get your work done during office hours... then get outAustralians are very efficient. Many work overtime but, generally speaking, most people want to get their work done between 9am and 5pm. Keep this in mind during meetings. If your meeting has hit the allotted one-hour mark, wrap it up quickly. Your partners won't

Is it rude for your partner to continue to eat and drink while dining out if you are done eating?

Your partner ? As long as we are talking about partner in a romantic sense, you should probably check your priorities if you even consider this might be a possible issue.Business Partner ? As the dinner is just a setting for a business meeting, it seems just sensible to stop eating. Meetings are about talking, which is hard

What was your worst experience at Walt Disney World in Florida?

When I was ten we visited Walt Disney World for the very first time. I was standing by a fountain and Goofy walked up to me, took my hat off my head, and tossed it in the fountain. I believe I cried quite bitterly because I loved that hat. I don't remember if we managed to