What makes long distance relationships special?

It gives a validity to the truth of what is unconditional. Much of what we think is Love parameters we set to only what is near, but when you move that love to a place afar, you create the world where what you fathom is a depth stonger than without for it consumes by what you have within. Kind of gives a new meaning ( or actually may be more correct ) to the phrase, No greater love has one than this, and that is they lay down their life for another. If you think on this, you will contemplate its truth? Being near or far is a state of mind. :)

Are leg rises and inclined crunches enough to reduce belly. My upper abs are and other body parts are also showing progress but my tummy and love handles aren't. What should I do?

Direct Abdominal training will only fire those muscle fibers and do nothing for overall physique. Your body is one single unit and you need it to grow organically.If you want to put your overall body under physical tension in order to produce a strong muscular looking physique with visible

Which is the best Android app locker?

A smartphone is a very personal gadget. We have personal messages and information in the likes of messaging & social media apps. Then there are banking apps, where a lot of our sensitive data is stored.Here are the best app lockers for Android:ApplockApplock by DoMobile Lab is definitely one of the best applocks out there. The app

With literally millions of cigarettes consumed daily globally, have there been any scientific studies on the effect of tobacco smoke on the environment and especially in regards to air pollution?

(Long Answer below, but the basic conclusion is that tobacco smoke produces between 1/1000th and 1/1,000,000th of the world's CO2 air pollution.)===Actually, the usual claim is that BILLIONS of cigarettes