What makes protein shakes foam?

Milk is answer on your question. More precisely, mixing milk with and other ingredients of your protein shake.

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Is coconut water a good addition to your work out routine? What are its benefits?

Coconut water is super-hydrating. I have seen people use coconut water mixed with their pre-workout and intra-workout supplements and i have used it as well. As you probably already know it is high in potassium (more than four bananas) and wayyy better than sipping on a Gatorade (or any other sugary drinks) and can be

What should I put in a pre-workout protein drink?

f you have an intensive workout and need enough energy to sustain for the long workout ahead to push.If you fail to fuel your body with the right the nutrients especially when you are strength training workouts you miss out in adding muscle mass.Your pre-workout diet proteins and slower-digesting carbs and ensure

What is going to happen if you take creatine after every swim work out?

It'd be better to take every day. About 5 Grams. Also make sure to take breaks of about a month every 3 or 4 months. Some body builders take huge amounts in a loading period 20-25 grams a day and then drop don't to about 5, but if