What makes someone have a star quality?

I think every star who wants to have a long-lasting career and have a star quality should really need to learn how to be more approachable and friendly with their followers. And another things that a celebrity need to have in order to have a start quality is:

  1. Open to criticisms
  2. willing to change and evolve as a star
  3. Star need to remember, they are public figure, so it's quite annoying when some stars were so damn private about their private life, like how they don't want people to know who's their spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend. If you wanna be private, then don't become a public figure.

The end.

DC Comics: Who would win an American football match if the Justice League played the X-Men or the Avengers?

There would have to be a lot of special rules covering what is and is not permnissible--use of magic, of weapons and equipment (powered armor, lassos, batarangs, arrows, hammers, swords, firearms, and, I suppose, winged horses), flight, and teleportation, to name four, There are probably

What are the bitter truths of life one should know?

Life is full of bitter truths if you see it by a different prospective, so here we go.Life gives you full drama even when you don't need it.It gives you fake people who never tell you the truth and they always have a lie to comfort you at the moment.People use you according to their

Will there be any cross over movie between Marvel Cinematic World and DC world?

Thanks for the A2A.I doubt they would come together cinematically. There are so many reasons not to do that for each studio. To name a fewProfit sharing: When two big studios come together, it is always a tussle and considering that both have prominent characters, it makes absolutely