What makes you feel boosted?

Not everyday is same. We often feel tired, sick and lack of energy. So, instead of finding ways to postpone stuff, we must find ways in which we can increase our focus and get things done.

It shouldnt be a one time affair, for real change we need to continue with a practice till it becomes a habit and gets into our character.

So, Here are 3 things i personally feel/do to keep myself motivated and boosted through out the day:

  1. Fitness

It has nothing to do with gyming in particular, you can always find activities which help find a fitter version of yoirself. Skipping, sprinting, cycling or even a 30 min walk with your pet are something you can always start with.

Remember "you're just one workout away from a happy mood".

And its always fun being in a better shape. Its been a month and a half I started working on my fitness and i really feel amazing and it keeps me positive too.

What are some tips for improving skin condition?

1. Consider Your Water2. Drink Green Tea3. Keep Stress in Check4. Improve Your Air Quality5. Switch to Plain Toothpaste6. Watch Sun Exposure Indoors7. Monitor Your Dairy Intake (If You Have Acne)8. Pay Attention to Your Cleanser9. Choose Water-Based Hair Products10. Sleep a Full Night

What is the ideal age to start travelling the world?

It is hard to say. I would say asap and continually. One reason why I would say ASAP, is that you never know when things will change.For example, when I first started traveling, I didn't appreciate how much technology was changing.I am now so glad I

Why has Apple been so successful?

There's a bigger pattern but first, I'll use my impressions of the Watch.They intro'd it 4 years ago as