What makes you feel content?

I'm still figuring that out.

It's a hard thing to say. But it varies from day to day and my mood.

We are social beings I find talking to new people and experiencing something new with warm and open individuals of benefit. I have struggled to find good friends and maintain the friendships because I have always been too desperate to not feel alone, unfortunately meaning I developed friendships with the wrong types of people (My mother always criticizes my choices). I'm an only child. I unfortunately suffered a lot of emotional neglect/control from my parents. My mother disagrees but my parents were more interested in themselves and "instant gratification" especially when together, that I was often reminded that children should be seen and not heard. So I'd play alone quietly, I wasn't really allowed to do activities I wanted to do, my mum selected classes that she would have loved to do as a child but wasn't able to, when I complained that I didn't like them my punishment was to stay home and do nothing.

I always loved drawing, over the last 6–7years I stopped. I have suffered depression and been unable to find motivation/inspiration.

Having been bullied at my last two jobs it has forced me to see that it's time I start reconnecting and discovering what actually makes me tick, also trying to boost my confidence. So what makes me content, is learning through trial error. Feeling stagnant is the killer.

I hope this makes sense.

I would like to talk about myself.
Because of my parents' work, when I was a child the most happy thing must be a rainning day. there is nothing special but can look forward to my parents came back home at the work time. In retrospect , it was probably too lonely childhood that i had and a strong needed for someone with me. when I was a child I always waked up in the morning with a empty house untill the night that mom and dad get back to home . I can do all things but I want to do noting. It was the happiest thing at that time which I would never forget untill now.
Afterwords, I found that friends also make me happy. when I grow up, I can have a lot of project with my friends for funny, which were mountain climbing , chatting , playing basketball and so on a lot. so a group of good friends is also a happy thing.
 Later when my life appeared a woman. I will miss her every minutes when we not together, and not only loud laugter but also noisy with us. she has a stubborn temper and I was have my stubborn , but this does not affect our two together to daft experience and face more things.
 In my life there are many many interesting things which let me have no time to recall something sad,.just go to find them out ,and there will be many things that you liked.

The quote: "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or things," by Albert Einstein makes me content.

The tiredness I get after exercising makes me content, weirdly enough.

Spending the day outside, talking with wise/old people, watching cartoons that I used to watch when I was younger, standing at the top of a mountain/cliff, learning something new, complete silence.

... the list goes on.

Life isn't this "miserable thing" unless you make it like that. I hope you find peace in life.

I don't think life is miserable. Finding things to wonder at or to be grateful for has become a way of life for me. Thinking affects everything in your life. Wayne Dyer used to say if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. In order to support shifting your thinking I'd recommend two things

  1. Take a look at Dr Joe Dispenza's website. Lots of useful articles, videos etc. Dr Joe Dispenza ::

2. Start meditating - meditate daily for a month and see how it will change your life. Have a look at Chris Thomas's website Meditation and Mindfulness Centre for useful information on how meditating impacts you.

The answer is different for different people, there is no one specific thing that makes everyone feel content, because it's your personal feeling of "all is well in my world".

When I was a teenager, it was when I looked great and felt confident. Now, it's when my responsibilities have been taken care of, and I can relax with no pressure and worries. Priorities change, your picture of an ideal environment for yourself keeps readjusting.

From your bio "I'm looking for thoughts, ideas, books...anything that helps you survive this miserable thing we call life." Try different activities to see what clicks. I tried woodworking, it feels great, but in the end, as a woman, I'm physically not strong enough to make it my hobby. I tried sewing, Reiki, meditations, deep research into nutrition and alternative healing... (practical knowledge can stay useful for you even if you quit). I can name books that helped me in terms of finding my own meaning in life, - my two favorite ones are by Michael Newton: "Journey of souls" and "Destiny of souls". I recommended them to others, and they don't fit everyone, but they are definitely worth a try. My colleague's husband said they were wonderful and life-changing for him, he thanked and even hugged me. My mom and sister read them, liked them, but no more than some other good books. My dad quit after a couple of chapters. An acquaintance read them and criticized all the way to the moon and back (but knowing what kind of a narcissistic bragger he is, it doesn't take away from the books at all). There are lots of other amazing books out there, but I'm sharing what changed my perception of this life as meaningless into the life that makes sense and has a purpose.

In giving you recieve. I know it sounds corny but it works for me. Even answering questions here on Quora, and I have a great big sack from which to answer, I feel like I'd be sharing my vast life experience and that way help some young one still trying to make sense of life. Life is just too wonderful to be held in privacy all for yourself. When my 18y old daughter feels down she goes to the shuck (here in Jerusalem) and takes one of them beggars for a meal and she comes back smiling. Cheers!

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