What makes you feel fit or strong?

  1. Everytime I hit my friends casually.. I hit out of fun.. but they scream like shit and will let others know that iv hit really hard... that's when I realise Iam super strong *haha*
  2. Everytime my mum gets massage done by me.. she keeps chanting this sentence "bakkadanvaina entha balam unde" ( Though you are thin.. you got so much of energy *shocking* ) . Haha
  3. Very rare I get to lift this 20 litres water bubble.. and every time I do that .. I myself will feel off soo much. *Haha*
  4. People around get tired of certain things.. when I still see me with same energy through out the day.. that reminds me of how strong iam .
  5. I am an insomniac and I struggle every night to have sound sleep but I'll anyway fail to. Inspite of this I still wakeup with tons of energy every morning.
  6. As long as my body is tight and not shaky.. I feel it's fit.

Anyway... One need not be Strong only physically... there are millions out there who are mentally strong.

Cheers folks.. Coz all of us are strong /Fit some or the other way .

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