What makes you feel inspired?

These days, I am inspired by a rather vivid imagination that allows me to concoct scenarios that create several alternative futures following my death.

Lately, I have been impressed by ideas that we live in a simulated universe in which the conscious awareness that I have of myself cannot be destroyed, so there's no reason why it cannot be implanted in an AI robot that will enable me to live in virtual reality environments where everything feels, looks and sounds as if it is real.

If such a thing as God exists, then s/he has been recording everything that's taken place in this life, and s/he can deduce that I am the right kind of person to live for eternity as my intention is to glorify and emulate the kind of life that s/he intended.

The only drawback is that an AI robot will have no need to sleep, eat, drink, catch disease or go to the toilet or procreate, and which kind of nullifies and makes a nonsense of being human.

Fear is a primal feeling that drives humans. Being ensconced in an AI body surrounded by virtual reality means that however terrifying, we will know that it cannot lead to death, so ultimately, all experiences will become boring and meaningless, so we may discover that nothing makes any sense and our purpose in being alive pointless,

It will also be pointless learning anything because knowledge could never be used to improve any aspect of our existence. This begs the question – if God created this Universe, why? Was he bored out of his hyperskin? Perhaps the only purpose of life on earth is to overcome fear, and once we've done that, what else is left but to enjoy the remaining years when we can slowly fade into oblivion and be thankful that we were at least given the opportunity to experience life.

Is it possible to enable OTG on a mobile phone without the feature?

On-the-go (OTG) is a feature you won't find in every phone but if a phone doesn't have the feature of OTG then you can't really do anything about it. This feature comes inside your phone's hardware and if your phone's hardware doesn't support OTG

For someone who wants to learn cooking from scratch, how should they begin?

Two things, neither of which seems obvious...and everybody assumes they know already (but do not):1.) Learn technical skills. Good knife skills will last you a life-time. I know because mine are awful and I have the hand scars to prove it. You can learn enough to be

How to use Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Framework for my final year project

Here's how you can begin with:Take a good use case like Flight Booking System / Food Delivery System / Movie Booking System.Design a IEEE SRS for the same and be clear with the requirements from the start.Think about the conversation flow, the dialogs. The dialog switching