What makes you feel isolated?

When people or society is against "who you are " and tell you how you're "supposed to be". Sometimes you feel alone because not one person understands you and why you are the way you are. There are very very few people that are willing to listen to you and your problems, the ones that do still don't understand what's it like, shrugs it off, or change the subject. A lot of people are focused only on their self interests and the "different" people are singled out and made fun of, so that's why people act and do what everyone else's is doing because that's considered "normal". It becomes a life long battle, struggling to understand and try to get accepted.

For sure when three or more (including me) are sharing and someone dominates the conversation I get an instant "no longer needed" feeling. I have to be careful that it's not me dominating, of course, since that is a tendency of mine.

But I've learned how to mentally "walk away" and sometimes even physically unless I see that there are things I could and want to learn.

For me, that is a far better option than seeing how much of this "isolated" feeling I can bear as it builds up. I want to preserve my love for people, so it helps to not damage my view about other people.

I've actually learned not to mind it anymore since when it happens it gives me the opportunity to go and focus on something else (I tell myself..."time to smile and move on").

Yes, I have some "lead or leave" behaviors but that's partly due to me wanting to allow someone else to lead and knowing if I stay, I might try to lead. Plus temporary feelings of being isolated are "just normal" for me now.

I can quickly find something else to focus on and truly "forget" that feeling since IMO, it's only a remnant of a childish "my feelings were hurt" and very temporary feeling. I can smile and wave it "good bye**" as it passes.

**: no doubt because due to me moving beyond my near suicide issue at 18, where I learned that the "you're alone" self-talk and feeling were lies.

A song...Evil Forces Lie When They Say You're Alone...

Seeing people having conversations as easy as it is to blink. As an introvert, and a shy one at that, I really wish I knew the magic trick to make a conversation last.

Me, myself and i

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