What makes you feel respected?

When someone listens to me and trusts me. When someone trusts my judgment (for example, asking me for advice) or shows that they value my thoughts and opinions, then I feel particularly respected.

When my time and my attention given to the person are not being misused.

Hi There! Pure Lack of Confidence in yourself and your Abilities! People and sometimes your OWN self are the Conduits of Negativity, and you have to learn to be Determined and Disciplined to believe you're an achiever! You can do it, and remember, If you fall Just make sure it's Forward, get back up, brush yourself off and Keep moving; Remember, you've Got places to go things to do and People to see, So Make-it happen.

I really feel respected when somebody is listening you(look you in the eyes)and when you are finished with your speech they say something about it.Also I find myself respected when somebody shows how much they're grateful for what I did for them.

Common courtesies, like, people who are prompt, or hold the door, or acknowledge your presence by saying "hello."

Among other things, upvotes from fellow Quorans.
Why is Chinese food so overrated?

NO! NEVER! I believe Chinese food is the best in the world although I am a bit bias about various foods in the world.Chinese food especially with emphasis to the southern Chinese foods including the village style cooking of Guangdong and the Cantonese cuisine

Why do I like eating too much?

The best way to work with this is to have good breakfast to balance your blood sugar for example eg live yogurt, poached egg on toast. Snack on small amounts of nuts if you are not allergic. To help the anxiety good herb teas such a lemon balm will help take the edge off. Pre plan for the

What is the most common glucose type found in human body; alpha or beta?

There is a critical distinction that is important to make in your question - Are you referring to glucose alone, or glucose monomers that are part of longer polysaccharides?If you want to know about glucose monomers in polysaccharides, they are mostly found in the alpha conformation. Animals don't have enzymes that can