What makes you feel romantic?


Rains make me feel romantic...

The enchanting smell that Earth lets out after the First Showers..

*The cold breeze after rain

*long drive with open windows after rain

*her soft touches

*her scent

*Her hugs

*her gaze in a room full of people

She makes me feel romantic!

Being honest to each other knowing that there are no secret by both the parties, independent in each way but still needed others, being understands to each other to complete the flaw of each other to make a perfect couples. After all none is perfect so when both met to complete each other flaws you get yourself somewhat wholesome feelings to get things complete.

Honestly all the cliché of wine and flowers and such are total bs to me.

I am a romantic person, so there is not a particular thing that makes me feel romantic but I romanticise some situations. I am single but still I feel romatic sometimes.

  • A kiss on cheek.
  • A Wink.
  • Showing Affection in public.
  • Dancing with someone I Love in rain.
  • Love songs(not all, Selective) & Scenes from movies.
  • Seeing lovers teasing each other & Old couples holding their hands together.
  • Watching my parents wedding tape.
  • Carrying a new born baby for the first time.

Everything thing around me makes me feel romantic. That feeling starts from inside of me , but not with the external factors it circumstances, those are just to relate. Real romantic feeling is inside of me which pops up all the time.obe need to be always romantic to feel young and motivated.

Thank you.

All the best

Happy living.

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