What makes you feel small?

It made me feel small that, my four months love and caring was equal to some guy talking to her for two days.

I will tell you this is three parts, this love story is a very brief explanation of what happened.
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So let me tell you a long story of a boy and girl. Then you tell me what should boy do now or the girl must http://do.As you can see, there is a boy who is only interested in studies and nothing else. He came to a company to work after his b.tech by getting placed in campus. He met a girl or saw many other girls other than the one. He never cared about anyone specially. So what happened next? A girl has come and started to talk to him and others a lot. She used to talk to the boy a little more or atleast that is what he thought so. This is in the initial stages. Then the boy according to his natural behavior, he said kindly, don't talk, I have work to do. Then she didn't listen. She kept on talking. The boy stopped to say her not to talk realizing that she would not listen. Then she used to chat a lot be it whether she goes to hometown or from her apartment. After some days she Started to call and tell about her problems and her life until 22. So, the boy liked her as a person a lot. The boy got sympathy on her for the tough times she faced and the boy kind of started to like her a lot for how she thrived in that tough times and came out of it like a courage women. So, it continued for a while. The joy never had the courage to express his growing feelings for her. Then another idiot was in picture who propped her and she rejected. Then, the boy got a bit more fear to express his feeling and deco decided to never tell her, as he might lose her as a friend. So, the other guy who was rejected tortured her by insulting her in public and by frequently calling and scolding her on why she did not accept him. At that time, the boy got very angry and asked the girl to just say at word and the other idiot will not stay in chennai and will never contact you. Then the girl told. " No, he might be bad, but, there might be a little mistake if mine to give him a feeling of what he got in me. So, I don't want his life to be effected or spoiled".

Part two :Let me finish the story I started. So it was a story of a boy and girl. The boy likes her a lot by now and is convinced that she will never accept him as a boyfriend with the recent events happened. Then, he dropped the idea of proposing. Then, he did not want to kill the feelings he had for her. He thought he would show the same care and feeling by being a friend. So, the girl was curious on why he is caring so much? She wanted to know the reason and asked him quite a few times about the same. The boy did not give an answer. He always postponed the reply for that question form her. Then one day she did not leave him until he tells the reason and promised him that that nothing will change whatever he tells her and promised him that she would keep it a secret about that night on what boy told the girl. Then the boy wants to get it out of him to feel lighter and expressed his Feelings. He gave her 10 odd reasons which are unique about why he liked her other than her beauty physically for half an hour. Then, she said, I thought you would just propose and I didn't expect this much from you. You took me by surprise. She said, you cared me 100 times more than anyone else in my life and I don't wanna lose that in life. I don't wanna commit to you now because I am having several other problems in family and most importantly I wanna be with friends and if I give you commitment, I can't do that. The girl said, for two years not just you, I would not love anyone. The boy understood and respected the girls decision. After all the boy loves her so deeply to just get angry on a rejection. So, one day some other more good looking guy came and attracted the girl with his charming nature for hardly a week and she slowly completely stopped taking to the boy. Now the girl and the other guy are committed, just after one or odd month from when the girl said about not committing to anyone.

Part 3 of story. So the girl has shattered all the hopes of the boy. The boy is confused and is in dark searching for answer to a single question. Why such a great girl, who thinks about her family, friends and even about the people that hurt her, did not think about my feelings at all? Why? Is there any higher reason why she did it, which I don't know or is my analysis of her character in last 4 months is entirely wrong. No way for the later. I could not find the former. I was searching for the answer every second for 4 months. One day, the boy had an issue with some of his house Co owners in their community. This came to the girls notice through a common friend of theirs. She then called the boy culture less and somehow the boy came to know that. The boy was furious, the boy can be called arrogant, angry man and many other things, but not cultureless. The boy never took any advantage of the girl when they were friends, even when he got very great chances to do so. They were alone in both midnights and early mornings. Still the boy did not even touch her. The boy never asked for favors. The boy gave everything the girl wanted in matter of hours and the boy gave her the things she needs and she doesn't know about it. After all this the boy could digest the rejection and cheating, but not the label of cultureless. Then the boy has decided one thing. The boy wanted to becknw the most handsome, the most successful, the most powerful, the most sexy, the most charming, the most talented, the most athletic and how her that the boy can get any girl in the world. The boy is still in pursuit of that since two months. The boy is already successful in most of the things he said to himself. Very little things are left, let's see how much it would take to satisfy them. Now the girl is still not talking to the boy. The boy being a very intelligent guy, can only make speculations, but can not exactly speak her heart. Only she can do that.The girl moved on. But the boy just can't even after long time. Fir some reason he us not getting the same feelings he had for her with anyone else. So no point in searching. But one thing is for sure. The boy just can't even find other girls one percent close to heart as he does with the girl.

It makes me feel small,

  • when on some days I reflect upon things I take for granted.
  • on some weekends when I am so much into Netflix that I don't want to pick-up the phone of boyfriend. Not fair
  • when my household help tells me that she consumes tobacco as it would curb the hunger pangs and I can't do anything but sigh!

A lot of things...

  1. When someone you did so much for, didn't believe or throws some nasty doubts. Well, bad people are always there. One needs to accept that. World is not a goody-goody place always!
  2. Something you know you could do better but just couldn't due to basket of reasons!
  3. Someone just did so much for you, without even asking for...

If u notice whole world which is blowing with the new technology, education, and u realize that u are nothing infront of them and then u feel small.

You failed to see a smaller man than yourself, NOONE IS SMALL each is a winner

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