What makes you feel useful?

I do all my responsibilities wihtout thinking that i am useful or not. I just do. After all, when we were born in this planet, how we walked through our destinies also bring us obligations and responsibilities we need to accomplish as a person.

I feel accomplished, not useful after i had done my share of obligations including those that i owe to myself. Everything must be done according to wants, needs, obligations and responsibilities. We do all of them not because we were obligated or pushed to do them. We make initiatives in order to finish them, small or big jobs, at home or out in the society when we mingled with them, joining in the activities as social beings.

It is okay to feel proud when we accomplish something. We become useful member of society. As a token of appreciation, people around us also feel proud of us. And we are also proud of them.

  1. "Thank you."
  2. "Hey, I need your help."
  3. "You're my favorite [___]."
  4. "You always make me feel better."
  5. "I don't know what I'd do without you."
  6. "I really appreciate you doing Y because Z."
  7. "Thanks, that's exactly what I needed."
  8. "I really needed to hear that today."
  9. "Yay! You're here!"
  10. "Could you do that again?"

That's it for now~

Love y'all!


If your dog was being attacked by a bear should you try and save it or save yourself?

The bear would normally run away from the dog.Assuming that the situation that you described happens, logically If you are unarmed it's better to save yourself , if the bear turns to you that's it, there is practically no way to outrun it .However it's not as

Does this dream mean anything?

Flying is usually associated to your subconscious showing that you love to have control over everything in your life(control freak), but since in your dreams you do not have control over your flying this show that you usually do not have your wish to control everything fulfilled.

What are the most famous hollywood movies?

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