What makes you want to visit Egypt?

I love Egypt! I've been there several times, and I'll definitely return there! It is an amazing cradle of history, culture, ancient treasures, exciting masterpieces by ancient people, etc.. Breathtaking nature, luxurious resorts, numerous things to do...

Egypt offers so many miracles that everyone should visit at least once in life! The Egyptian pyramids, Karnak, Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings, and many others - I've already explored them The Nile, The Valley Of The Kings And The Temple of Hatshepsut | CruiseBe. Nevertheless, I'd be really happy to see these places again. I'm sure there are so many secrets left.

I love the Egypt's underwater world! It is the parallel universe with incredible flora and fauna. It's so charming and alluring! You can check my pictures and read my story here - Unedrwater World Of Egypt | CruiseBe!

Primarily, for Pyramids. They have been on my list for a long time and I want to experience those gigantic structures close. I along with couple of friends planned for a month and visited the Pyramids only to believe that all I heard about them is definitely correct. Those massive structures are unbelievable and can't imagine how would anyone can put those together.

Also visiting the Egyptian Musuem at Cairo completes the trip. Experiencing mummies so close is so unbelievable. Overall Cairo amazed us and made us visit other lovely places around Egypt like Luxor.

Read more about our experience here:

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I was going through some travel blogs , then i found this 10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt/ . The Mesmerizing facts about EGYPT invaded me to pack my bags and travel there .

Some captures are here

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