What martial arts does Jason Statham practices in real life?

He basically do calisthenics, it's not martial arts. Using the body weight on ground and bars are the perfect way to shape up, well in the end it's all on diet and the biological cycle of the person.

Most of the people are now practising mixed martial arts too, may be because of it's popularity and effect of professional fighters like Conor mcggregor and platform like UFC have changed the way of underground sport to a well established platform.

You can follow barbrothers or starbarzz for various fields of physique developments.

Afterall a kick may be brutal but sports like b- boy and tricking have developed matial arts from a deadliest weapon to an impossible sports.

Are eggs really good for building muscle? Are they unhealthy?

Eggs are very healthy specifically for a person looking to increase the protein content of the diet so as to meet his/her fitness goal. Protein are made up of amino acids and there are 9 essential amino acids which essentially has to be provided through diet externally as they

Can anyone lose 18 kg in one month?

Weight loss is one of the most written subjects on the Internet! Whether we are talking about juice cleanses, super strict diets or crazy work out routines, all of us have googled or come across this as we are browsing through our newsfeeds. In our hectic work lives, where many of us yo-yo with weight, we

Which are your top ten favourite kpop songs?

How perfect. I've been keeping an updated list for my favorite Kpop songs for about 5 months now.*=I loved at first listen^=I disliked at first listenNo mark means I was indifferent at first listenHere's my top ten as of Jan 5, 201910.