What might a chef serve a soup or stew in?

The first two answers, while correct, are so obvious it makes me wonder why the anonymous arbiters at quora didn't relegate them to the "need improvement" file. One could serve stew in a tureen, which is just a broad, flatter style of bowl. But when ya wanna have fun, scoop out a small round bread loaf (boule), about 6 ounces-warm it in the oven first. Just last week (at Coronado High School) I had Chicken pot pie served in a small pumpkin, with a pastry crust baked on the top. As I ate the stew, I scraped the flesh of the pumpkin from inside along with-it was so good I can't hardly stop thinking 'bout it. Any squash or vegetable (even potato) could be manipulated to form a vessel to servea stew or soup in. A broad open rimmed coffee mug is novel too, and much less work.

Is trading stocks gambling?

Don't let this wave of stock-market volatility go to your head. The value of the companies in your portfolio doesn't change by a positive or negative 5% three times a day. Get the value right and the price will follow.For example, my firm recently met with a prospective client, a physicist who has made millions of dollars by

In the USA,How much money do chefs make?

That's too broad a question to answer in one sentence. First, we have to define what a chef is.A chef is someone who directs a brigade of cooks in a professional kitchen. Skill, time on the job, or size of the brigade doesn't factor in, if you're in a

What makes you go to a fast food restaurant?

Today, it was the craving for something sweet... it will be several months before I go fast food-ing again.