What moment in your life made you change yourself and leave your old ways to pursue the life you knew you needed in order to be happy? What event happened to make you realize this? And what change had to be made?

Three events happened that helped me get on the right road:

First- it was 1978, I was 24 and had spent 3.5 years of pre-med, studying to be a doctor. While in the lab, my eye caught a little window, on a fire escape door. Through it, I could see a tree branch shimmering in the sun, dazzling. A voice said, "If you're not careful you could spend of your life in here, and not out there."

Second- at that time philosopher, Joseph Campbell was on PBS talking about "Following your bliss".


I thought back to when I was deliriously happy. It did not matter what I was actually doing. I thought of the day my little brother, 8, and I sold hats to the visitors at Graceland. I was the one year after Elvis's death, August 16, 1978. My dad was a small business entrepreneur. He said, "There must be 50,000 fans down there, go sell them something, I'll watch on TV". I said OK you're on. Sam and I sat on the curb and watched the long line across the street. A brilliant woman was selling a single rose for $10. Suddenly, an ambulance arrived. Someone fainted from heat exhaustion. I grabbed Henry by the hand and we drove the Surplus City. We bought every wide-brimmed Mexican style hat for $1.50. Stacked them on Henry's head and went in the crowd. You had to have a solid $5.00 bill. I held on to your wrist, took the money, put a hat in your hand and let go of your wrist-that's how many people were on me for a hat. Now that was FUN!

The third event happened while I was getting a Coke at the machine between graduate school classes. A man came up to me and asked me what I was going to do when I graduated. He and I had debated in class. He was an old guy (like I am now). He asked if I would like a job at Schering-Plough in Memphis (Maybelline, Coppertone, and Dr. Scholl's). Turned out he was Senior VP for Finance and Operations getting his PhD. He said it was for a Brand Manager. I had no idea what that was. I went to the library and looked it up (all paper then).

It was a bolt of lightning.

I could solve problems for millions of people across the nation. I could also work with chemists, lawyers, engineers, sales people, and artists. Together, we would build the solution.

That was 40 years ago. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rdfa...

None of this would have happened if I had not listened to that little voice in the lab.

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