What movie is unexpectedly brilliant?

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

It's really quite good, but good luck finding anybody who hasn't seen it who would take it the remotest bit seriously.

Lots of people have very strong prejudices against the culture represented by the Fast and Furious films in the first place, and series fans themselves view it unfavorably owing to its sharp departure from the other films' main characters. Most people attempting a viewing don't have much patience for the film's knuckle-headed main character.

However, it is very much worth sitting through as a standalone film. It's beautifully shot, and presents an excellent case study in character growth through Sean Boswell's journey towards finding a sense of personal responsibility - if in an unconventional way - in a foreign culture that he learns to respect. In many ways, to me, this movie encapsulates all the best things that the Fast and Furious series has to offer in the most concentrated, focused, and real-feeling package.

Why do native-English speakers correct the grammar of non-native English speakers even though they understand them well enough?

I wouldn't normally do it in public or in social situations where it might embarrass the person, but here on Quora it's a private correction, and it actually serves two different purposes:The correction will help a person get their question or answer taken

Was Star Trek Into Darkness filmed in native 3D, or was 3D added in post-production?

It was shot in 2D and post-converted to 3D. JJ Abrams admits reservations about converting 'Star Trek' into 3DAs a personal note - I saw the preview shown before the HFR IMAX 3D screening of The Hobbit and

Which are best psycho thriller movies?

The Best Psyco Thriller movie I have ever watched is Se7en directed by David Fincher..A serial killer begins murdering people according to the Seven deadly sins which areGluttonySlothGreedPrideLustEnvyWarthTwo detective one new in the city and the other is about to retire and was on his last case, are tasked with apprehending the