What must an educated person know?

My answer is dependent upon my understanding of the question which to paraphrase is what skills must one have acquired after being educated and so I say:
  • The ability to make connections between all the knowledge you possess.
  • The ability to communicate an idea.
  • The ability to think independently - independent of emotions and the influence of others.
  • The ability to determine the relevance and intellectual worth of information.
  • An awareness of different thought styles and their applications to different problems.
  • The ability to constantly learn through reading, experimentation, observation and conversation.
  • The ability to determine where the answer may be found - which resource, what academic field or which expert.
  • The ability to understand and analyse data. 
  • The ability to assimilate information quickly - speed reading, determining relevance and understanding the relevant information.
  • Awareness of your knowledge and experiences.
  • The ability to value all perspectives.
  • The ability to actively research any curiosities you may have and not just wonder about them.
  • The ability to challenge prevailing assumptions.
  • The ability to make connections between knowledge and a problem. Seek to solve a problem through deliberate application of knowledge (theories, concepts ) rather than gut instinct.
  • The ability to re-organise information into new pattern.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in the same software company for a very long time?

Advantages:You know the processes and systems so well that things become extremely easy for you. You know where you cut corners and where you simply mustn't.You know whom to approach for any issue so new hires gravitate to you for anything they are facing.If you are good at what you do, you form relationships

How effective is taking Oxycodone for a headache or migraine?

After I had Pituitary surgery and had a pulmonary embolism I was prescribed Oxycodone for pain due to the surgery, which was basically like a sinus headache, since I couldn't take NSAIDs like Ibuprofen because they have anti-clotting properties and I was

What is the best way to incorporate core exercises into my daily routine, if I should only be working out for no more than an hour a day? I do two muscles a day: push, pull, and legs routine.

Complex, compound exercises.If it's lifting weights that you enjoy, throw in 4–5 sets of Squats, Deadlifts, Power Cleans/Hanging Cleans, or Clean and Press - and you will be working the core. If it's bodyweight exercises that fire your rockets, do burpees or squat-thrusts or some other exercise that engages multiple muscle groups. Everything revolves around the core.