What part of kotlin do I need to cover to start Android programming?

If you are familiar with Java than no worry about kotlin. You can start anywhere. I would like to suggest you should start from the formal introduction of kotlin and why should use for Android development. Why use Kotlin for Android Development? - AndroidWave

What can I do an hour a day that will make my life better in 30 days?

Create something. Anything. Every day for 30 days and see what happens.WHY?We are consuming so much content, so many posts, text, commercials, marketing messages, music, TV that our brains get overwhelmed. Our consumption heavily outweighs our production. Let's foster creative productivity. We are creative beings. At least we were, until a teacher, or a parent or a friend

As a straight man do you have any close friends who are gay men?

I call your very own Quoran Dan Holliday a good friend.It's a silly thing, being gay in so much of the world is quite taboo. A lot of people start to think of gay people as this

What is the correct technique to do wide grip pull ups?

Wide-grip pull-ups (WGPU) are a common tool employed to focus even more tension on the lats during vertical pulling movement in comparison to standard pull-ups or chin-ups, both of which work the mid-back and upper back to a high degree already. Part of the reason why this works is because the line of