What percentage of the return is good to give someone who invests one's money for one?

It depends on what percentage is good for that person :)

If I was told that I can double my money by the end of the year, I will tell to that person "Ok, not interested".

If someone asks Forex trader "what about 50% of return by the end of the year?"... he will be the best friend of Forex trader.

It depeds.

I am looking for returns around x10-x100 in less than a year. It is hard to predict, but many coins before real hype are trying to grow slowly. You can notice that. And make simple analytics about possible price.

My goal with XRB was 4–5$ from my investment when it was 0.05 USD. And I couldn't sell XRB for 3$ when exchange was not working. And I am still holding and it is already 22.47$ right now. Not so bad, huh? :) Sometimes coins can really surprise.

Hopefully I helped :)

This should be negotiated in advance.

Money managers typically take, on average, a 2% annual fee based on the amount under management.

However, an index no-load fund is probably the average investor's best option.

The lower the better. It's common practice to give 2% management fee and 20% incentive fee. Studies show that 99.7% of money managers are not worth this fee however. So lower fees are better, it is increasing your odds.

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