What percentage of the world's population are psychopaths?

In My Opinion, the worlds population has a large number of Psychopaths. However, quantifying that is difficult due to the fact that one need to study the individuals behavior in an controlled environment. When one does not study their behavior in a controlled and structured environment, one is unable to tell if the behavior is merely an understandable response to a stressful stimuli. For example, in the case of a police officer who acts as though they have no feelings during a call concerning a small child being sexually abused said response a defensive barrier to the alternatives. Namely the alternatives being attacking the individual whom is accused of the molestation with his service weapon. Which of course one would and should consider a socialpathic response; even if one agrees or understands it.

What is the aim of external pull up or pull down resistor on the pin?

most devices require a certain level of signal voltage on its inputs. Some devices, especially logic devices may have whats called on open collector output. That means its out out has a either a low impedance low level output . That

Are home based data entry jobs real or fake?

They are fake , review my experience :Never ever go for firm asking you to convert image to excel. They do not tell you things in details. There is a firm named as Basetech Computers (or known as Infotech) will ask you to convert image to excel. They will ask to submit you 530 or 730 or