What personality trait do you appreciate most about other people?

Honesty. Especially when telling the truth means putting themselves at risk.

I found honesty, nowadays, is a rather rare character trait. A lot of people I know personally would make little lies one time to another for no good reason. Quite a number of them even lied unconsciously. Could you picture that? Does that sound surreal to you? It certainly does for me. It's almost as if they're so used to lying, they can't tell the truth. Do you wonder what it feels like to know you're listening to someone lying unconsciously? It's like when you bought an ice cream with your favorite flavor, then dropped it to the ground accidentally shortly after.

I've not seen too many people that are willing to just laid it bare for people and say things as it is. When I do, I am always amazed, even when they've just confessed to me very taboo things in our social norm.

There seem to be a depth into the thinking of people who are very honest like this-the way I look at it, they would often think that it's better when people are well-informed than ill-informed about any information or their identity, even when that means they wouldn't like them so much. It's like a mixture of compassion, clarity of thought, foresight and integrity.

What motivates you to work out when you are sad?

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What kind of diet is necessary while doing workout?

thank you for the question :)If your goal is to GAIN weight then consume good amount of calories per day,you may have anything but that should be a healthy fat(cheese,dark chocolate,whole eggs,fish,nuts etc),have a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hrs.also see this content,i am sure

What are the best problem-solving methods and procedures ever created? How could a person become a strategic, fast, and creative master problem-solver?

To be a good problem solver you need to follow the framework (e.g. assess situation - gather data - isolate root causes - implement countermeasures). To be a fast one, you need experience or knowledge of shortcuts you can take. This is what I've learned and used in my daily job (handling major IT