What places would you never visit again in Europe?

Dubrovnik, Croatia, in the high season. Despite what people say, late September is still the high season, or at least it felt like it.

Lots of beautiful buildings in Dubrovnik. Spectacular coastline. But there's just too damn many tourists. (And I was one of them, so I'm part of the problem.)

Someone had described the town to me as feeling like "soap." It was a lot more enjoyable after sunset, after the big cruise ships vacuumed most of the day trippers back out to sea. But the overall vibe did feel like the town had just sold its soul to tourism.

Dubrovnik isn't alone. I'm not picking on it. Barcelona and Paris in July and August are probably just as bad, maybe worse.

There's some gems in Croatia for sure. But I won't tell you where they are. I don't want them to turn into Dubrovnik.

Overall, there's not many places in Europe that I'd categorically refuse to visit again. Though honestly, I'm in no hurry to go back and visit London or Paris. Lots of stuff to do there, obviously. I'd just seriously rather go to Namibia first. Better use of time and money, in my opinion. But to each their own.

There are very few places I would NEVER visit again. But Marseilles is a big industrial port, not so different from Casablanca or Baltimore. Andorra, as one commenter says below, is just a duty-free mall between Spain and France. Genoa is mediocre, as is Padua, as is Riga. Belgrade leaves me a bit chilly, and Bucharest has lost all of its attractive parts to Social Realist architecture. Limerick and Liverpool and Glasgow and Manchester are ugly. Stuttgart, meh. Warsaw, meh. Sofia, meh. Bratislava has a cute tiny old town that takes 8 minutes to stroll through, the rest is meh. Cork is meh. Perpignan is meh. Minsk and Kiev have some pockets of charm, but mostly meh.

But I really can't think of anywhere I'd NEVER go again.....like, if a hot new girlfriend wanted to go there en route to someplace more interesting!

I have not yet found a place.

The problem with saying place, with all geographic entities, is that a place can be either very small or very large like an entire country. The topography of the country also determines the dimensionality.

Your reasons for not visiting can be either that you didn't like the place, or you saw the place, liked it, and you want to move on. Like, e.g., I saw the Pardo in Madrid but I didn't get a chance to see other museums in Madrid, like I also wanted to see Guernica (the painting, but the lack of time ended that). Should I go back to the Pardo? These are small locations (I can justify going back to small locations again and again in some cases). What's your reason for going back again and again?

Are you one of those people who visit countries for bragging rights? That's not me.

Move on.

I would not go back to Andorra. It had nothing of interest for me in the summer, having only many duty free shops for cheap cameras, alcohol, electronics, etc and many petrol stations. The restaurants also have quite peculiar hours, so getting something to eat in the early evening can be quite hard. It was overall characterless and boring.

I hear the skiing there is good in winter, but I would not visit Andorra again for its non-ski attractions.

The area leading up to Andorra from the coast on the Spanish (Catalonia) side is very nice, though. Mountain landscapes, little villages, very nice places. Similarly the French side is also quite OK, Ax-les-Thermes is a nice spa town. I would give Andorra itself a miss.

The refugee camp in Nuremberg, I had to spend 7 months being veted in 1969, after defecting from Comunist Romania.

The camp is gone... after the fall of the Berlin Wall...thank God to Ronald Reagan!

Nuremberg is a beautiful city filled with history....all places I have visited since, I did revisit again...France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Belgium, Iceland, England, Scotland.

Happy travels!


Honestly, I'd cheerfully return to any place in Europe I've visited. I mean, I'd like to hit up new places, so, say, London, which I've visited three times, is pretty low on my list of priorities compared to breaking new ground...

I dunno. Of the places I've been, Dublin comes off the worst, and it just suffered from falling between Edinburgh and Amsterdam on the same trip and my not having a terribly good plan for how to spend my time there, so it really deserves a second chance from me.

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