What programming languages should I learn for web development? My goal is to build a text based game online. I have never coded before.

I think I'm eligible to answer this question being a self taught web developer!

First Step (Choose your path):

  1. Front End (involves building interactive web sites, designing them and providing functionalities)
  2. Full Stack (same as front-end path + backend functionality or server side coding)

I'll quickly brief these two to help you decide!

Front End Path

What is something you wanted to do but never did?

For nearly all my life, I've always wanted to say no, but I said yes instead.Yes to my mom.Yes to my dad.Yes to classmates.Yes to friends.Yes to mentors.Yes to teachers.Yes to strangers.Yes to hosting events, delivering workshops, competitions.Yes to anyone that sounded like they needed one.Which translated to me saying yes to a lot of things

My husband does not fulfill his responsibilities as a husband and as a father. Do I have to be separated from my husband or do I have to remain in our marriage?

If his failures are profound as you describe them in a handful of stark words, then you must separate from him with a clear ultimatum. With children, the situation is particularly grave, with heavy obligations to try everything possible to save the marriage for the benefit of the

Does learning to type faster increase programmer productivity?

Faster typing increase the productivity. Because:You can type as you think (not interrupting your thoughts waiting the fingers). Even if you planned in advance what to type, you still need speed to benefit from the short term memory - do that, then that, do not forget that... It is easier