What is the most effective psychological trick you use daily?

  1. Being a chameleon, and;
  2. Being unpredictable.
  3. Having no ego & Honesty

These 3 right now are definitely those most effective psychological tricks that I use daily, and have been doing so since a young child, I am unsure as to why.

1. When I say being a chameleon, I mean getting into the habit of always being emotionally aware of those around you, and being able to adapt and adjust to suit the current environment.

Look at the way they speak, and where there conversation flows to in discussion, mirror their tone and overall way of speech (or slang/ lingo). Now when you have a general idea of the type of person, you have narrowed down the possibility of saying something that could possibly offend or insult them. For example, notice whether they swear or not after the first few minutes or conversations. If so, then you should know whether or not you could. (this is just a basic example).

Being a chameleon also means being aware of yourself and your own body language and facial expressions. Understanding the basic messages behind certain body language, such as crossing your arms (which often suggests your being closed off, and makes you less approachable) can be a huge advantage, as you can avoid this (or use it) depending on what you want the other person to think.

Basically, this allows for you to make calculated assumptions, on what to say or do, or where to look, or how to sit or stand, or what facial expression to use, or what tone to use - to potentially know how each of these things will manipulate the person you are talking to, and knowing what they are going to think of you when you do each of these things. This is definitely a huge advantage - that could be used for bad or good ( as it gets into manipulation ).

An important thing to remember is that people are not dumb, and so they are automatically receptive to smooth-talkers and manipulators, so knowing this, it gives you the power to say or do certain things that can remove their suspicion from the start.

2. Being unpredictable is also a huge psychological trick that can come in handy - especially when you don't want people to walk all over you, and give you some level of respect.

Human beings love certainty - as it provides security. So if you act generally the same everyday, people eventually think that they have you all read. This opens doors for people to take advantage of you, and makes you more vulnerable.

If you are unpredictable in your actions or emotions, not always, people don't know for certain how you will react if they say something or do something. Thus can give you the upper hand, as people will then ask you things before acting, or hesitate before doing something that might offend you.

Doing the exact opposite of what people are expecting you to do is often the best way to achieve this.

3. Being an honest individual, to yourself, and those who you know won't take advantage of the vulnerability that comes with it - along with having no ego, I believe are some of the biggest strengths anyone can have. It is the strangest thing, you seem to literally attract people into your life, people want to be your friend or associated with you.

I am not sure why this is the case, but if you are brutally honest, and have no ego. And say things about yourself that most people would be too scared to say, I think people develop a respect for you, or envy your honesty, and thus become attracted to you. This comes with another advantage - as being brutally honest, actually provides you with protection to being called out or insulted.

Being transparent makes you bulletproof.

Ending note:

This is my first answer, so sorry if I have done anything wrong. Also, these tips are just patterns of behavior that I have learned and used and seen the effects of. It doesn't necessarily make them correct/ right. I am also only 20 years old so I know I have much to learn.

These tips may be conflicting or opposing, but what I want to reinforce is that each of these I have applied in order. It also depends on the circumstance or setting or what you want to gain from acting a certain way.

Knowing all of these things has made me realize the power I have to manipulate and use people to my advantage, and how close I am to the ‘dark-side', but I am happy with myself knowing I have chosen to rather use these as a force for good.


Manipulate, lie and use people - but ONLY to their greater advantage and benefit.

What is psychology?

It is not more than studying a peculiar human mind, who has the ability and tendency to grow larger everyday!

Following are the best psychological tricks which could be implemented in your daily lives to live life better and become more confident in your own skin.

~ Saying 'thank you' often makes you humble and calm.

~ Show some patience while taking your pet to the vet. They completely rely on research and testing. Plus, their patients can't even talk about the symptoms they are facing!

~ Whenever you are planning to start something new, Google search for "Things I wish I knew when I started XYZ." You will have a complete insight of it.

~ Take notes, less is more when it comes to fragrance!

~ "Tell me more." These 3 words can intensify your relationship with your kids. Give them a chance to express and make them good orators!

~ 50% of any job is to get friendly with the right people!

~ Learn to ‘Wear many hats' at your workplace! Just don't restrict yourself to one defined task.

~ If you are going to crack a deal, try reaching half an hour before the actual time and notice minor things about the place and the person to streamline accordingly!

~ Wash hands after you are done with the ordering. The menu is one of the dirtiest things one might touch.

~ Your brain power increases by almost 150% when you play tetris.

~ Don't let the finite world take hold of your infinite dreams!

~ Get in the car when it's about to get towed. Tow trucks are forced to stop the activity to avoid kidnapping charges.

~ Men are not at all better than women at playing sports. It's all a matter of training!

In our day to day lives, we get occupied in our workplaces and are left with no time to self introspect our own deeds. These psychological tricks will sort your everyday life and will make you a better person!

For such hacks and tricks get Crumblyy on Google Play Store.

Ever felt runner's high? That euphoric sense of elation, contentment, and well-being you feel after long exercise?

Well if you gotta use one trick my answers will always be "Reverse psychology"

Basically while implementing this trick you want the person to do something but you don't tell them what you want them to do instead with subtle sarcasm you tell them what you don't want them to do so that they do what you want them to do.

Okay you might as well kill me for saying that... .consider this.

In India, mostly larger vehicles have a standard statement written at the back or elsewhere

Candid honesty in crucial situations. Sadly, that is a trick in today's society. You wouldn't think so since it's just what people should do. But you will find that having a reputation as being tactfully upfront and honest about things to the point your reputation proceeds you will end up saving you a whole lot of time with the people who are full of shit. Because those people know you will call them out and won't deal with it. I like to think I am a very likable guy and am pretty nice and will go out of my way for others just because. But my boss, girlfriend, co workers, and friends also know that I am fearless and will immediately and honestly address anything on my mind.

You want a bunch of positive psychological "tricks"... read How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnigie. It's pretty much the first self help book ever written and to me the best. All it does is teach you lessons and "tricks" on how to "influence" people and be a better person.

PS... please pardon the run on sentences

Here are 2 very useful tricks:

  1. stand in front of a mirror, and for 2 minutes, smile at yourself. Simply smiling and seeing yourself smile, will increase your happiness.
  2. Stand in the power pose - like you just won an Olympic Gold Metal. Standing in this position for 60 seconds will increase self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.
  3. And a bonus - use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with affirmations such as "I am worthy to have everything I desire" or "I am loved and I am lovable". There are many videos on the web about how to use EFT.

These tips and much more are described in the book, Your Life Sucks No More. You can learn more about the book and get the first couple chapters for free, at http://YourLifeSucksNoMore.com .

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