What really do world governments know about the UFO Phenomenon?

We'll probably never know, until they tell us.

It's exasperating that incidents like Rendlesham Forest are dismissed - USAF officers,including a lieutenant colonel, the second in command of the (probably) nuclear facility, are told they saw Orford lighthouse (which, despite being stationed there for some time, they had never previously spotted - these are trained and experienced airmen, remember), and that slightly, but significantly radioactive indentations in the ground, forming a perfect equilateral triangle were made by "rabbits".

The lighthouse, by the way, apparently ripped itself from its foundations, flew over the trees, shone a beam "like a laser" straight down at the ground immediately ahead of the patrol, having disabled the portable searchlights they were carrying, and flew through the trees before landing.

"This is weird", Lt. Colonel Halt is heard to say on the tape of the investigation.

I'm exasperated because the "explanations" insult our intelligence. If you can't explain, say so, but don't give us pathetic stories that a 10 year old would find patronising.

There is no reason to think that they know anything more than us, really.

Added: the only significant element of reply they would bring is about the stories of nuclear missiles neutralized by UFOs. If such a thing is true, they know first hand. However there seems to be only one source for these stories, making then dubious. Indeed if it is an invention, the author aimed well, knowing that no army would ever deny such a thing. Karl Popper is furious, lol

I collected a short list of possible inquiry tracks here.

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