What rights do aliens have?

To remain silent... doh

They have any rights we (or anyone who meets them) grant to them. Or any rights they deem useful to enforce.

But I guess the answer should be a bit more philosophical in nature. And there are many points of view. Probably, they should have at least as many rights as animals do (which is arguably not much) then again in my opinion they should have as many rights as any human does. Which, again, and as it has been pointed out, depends on where they land and with whom they make contact with.

It is also somewhat of an academic question since if the encounter happens in the near future, it is very likely the aliens will have a massive upper hand technology-wise, which means we'll probably have very little say in limiting their rights. They can probably take (or give) whatever they want. So, the right question would probably be: "What rights will the aliens grant us?". Which will depend on their philosophy, culture and conscience.

That depends...

  1. Where they land
  2. What they do
  3. What their intent is
  4. How advanced they are

So, if they land in a powerful country and the forces that be are paranoid/aggressive, they will be told they have no rights. If they land in Tahiti and are nice, probably no-one will know about them until they become Tahitians and have full rights.

If they come and are benevolent, then probably they will be tolerated until either we come to an agreement with them and they are accepted as equals, or until the mad scientists grab them and dissect them (usual ending).
If they are malicious little tykes and spread plagues/shoot people then their rights will be null and void.

Why are they here? To make friends and help us - fine, give them all the rights we have; If they want to eat us shoot us rape us dissect us (oops mad scientist time again) then I think we'll pass.

If they are advanced then I don't think it would matter to them what rights we assign them as they would treat us as the Native Americans or Aussie Aborigines got treated.

It is all relative - do unto others as you would have them do to you, but do it first!

Do the rats, the rabbits or the guinea pigs ask what rights do we have ???


Now as we are kind of Rats and rabbits to them as they are super powerful with their technology and all.

now what we are doing here is aliens will be acting like humans and humans will be acting like rabbits.

first of all, may be, the earth belongs to them, so they can do whatever they want with it.

secondly, they start use human-milk trade business that we do with cows. female humans will be taken to their lands and they would use suction pump to get human milk, then they will try to pasteurize it and all.

thirdly, they can gift humans to their children as their pets.

then they can test all experimental results on humans.

they can make shoes out of our skins, they can make chilli-human, hakka-human noodles etc

they can do that everything we do with the animal kingdom.

I think the better question is what rights will the aliens give us after the conquer us.

A more serious answer is that there is no reason why we should not grant them the exact same rights we would grant any other human being. If freedom of speech, for example, is really an intrinsic rights humans possess then there is no reason to think these aliens would also not have such rights. If rights are just a concept we made up (which I think is more likely), then we should still grant them these rights because the only differences between them and us are in their physical make-up. If it is wrong to discriminate against people that are shorter, have darker skin, don't have a penis, have beliefs we disagree with (insofar as these beliefs are not inflicting unjust harm to others) etc. then it is just inconsistent to think that the aliens are not owed these rights based on their physical difference. It is merely a matter of the magnitude of those differences which is irrelevant to how we should treat them. It's the same reason we should grant these rights to sentient computers.

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Well right now, none. Obviously we have yet to discover intelligent alien life, and as such no rights have been allocated to them. It's likely that if they were to be discovered, however unlikely that may be, that humans would give them similar or the same rights as us. If not an immediate decision by the government, it's likely that people would protest for alien rights just out of empathy.

Tl;dr, aliens don't really have rights.

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Has anybody ever heard of having a dream where they are abducted by aliens and a buzzing sound is heard? And if so, what does it mean?

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