What's been happy in your life lately?

Marriage. I mean though it was not very late according to now time but yes the society feel you like that. I am an engineer and that time working as an assistant professor in the engineering college.

Thay time we were facing financial problem because of certain circumstances. Due to which we were not able to afford luxurious marriage which now days every one want. We were very clear about this to whosoever came with proposal but all in vain hence 23 to 26 passed like that only.

I fell in love with a person who was from other caste in year 2012. We decided to marry but again came this caste issue and his parents were not accepting our proposals. The dram went on for three years and finally when i nearly touched my 28th birthday i was married to the love of my life.

Every day I wake up can get out of bed move about take my meds then fix breakfast. AND I am grateful that I have been Chemo Free for over two years now>>>

How might Apple use Tesla Motors' patents to build an electric vehicle?

Apple, To be honest, Is very intelligent in it's approach. It is hiring engineers from Tesla and recently hired a top level employee from Mercedes. Also, With 176 Billion Dollars in cash, Apple can buy Tesla Inc. And still have enough to buy anything it needs. Tesla has many patents to it's name

How will Backpage make money now?

Now after what?I recall negative publicity about the website years ago.Do you mean that?It is years ago and people forget.Plus there are PR services to restore standing and perhaps do some rebranding. A professional can view company policies and do a make over to prevent a repeat of what happened back then.People

What's the expected replacement cost of Tesla batteries?

http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/..."We have received many requests for a Battery Replacement Option. We are happy to now offer this option for all three battery variants. This option will provide you a new battery anytime after the end of the eighth year at a fixed price. Prices