What's something that sucks about self teaching?

Honestly, it is pretty self-correcting. You'll find out if you are wrong or not, if you interact with others and the real world.

The only thing is employment... the legalities of having a degree. Autodidacts get a bad rap. A lot is standardized and kind of cookie cutter. It's to keep what little jobs there are from being taken from people who didn't pay to play.

Apprenticeships a least you don't have to pay, but unions sometimes protect only the best in that profession and require a license. I got this from Milton Friedman's "The rights of workers"

It sucks because you could be capable, but shutout for not having a degree or license (which is money is a lot of cases). Just because you have those things doesn't automatically make you better at working. It's a way to discriminate prospects.

The only way to defeat this is have a lot of small businesses crop up and have them compete for talent. Having more options protects the worker. I got this also from Milton Friedman.

Like in my town. Mayo Clinic wants to leave because taxes are too high. Well, we barely have any other options so we have to put up with it. I'd rather have 5 hospitals in town than 1, for competition and prices go down. More jobs to boot too. Nurses would have more bargaining power. Mayo has sort of a free reign. Same with farming. The small time farmer is hit the most. Most farm subsides go to the top companies. And, soon we might not have as many choices about the food we eat.

It's a deep problem that effects everything.

Can reading fiction improve critical thinking skills or make a person smarter?

Yes, reading fiction can really change your perspectives and teach you critical thinking, making you smarter.Remember that books are written by people, and people have their own world views. Writers are attempting to tell a story which is set in their world view. When you read a story, you are getting into this world

What are some little things that successful people do?

We live in a ‘follower' generation where most people want to be followed by thousands, have hundreds of friends and have a deep desire to be ‘famous'. But I can tell you right now that this is the path to self-destruction, and never is the choice of a successful person.1. They

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I remember talking to my cousin about this. We were talking about making good first impressions and how to