What's the loneliest birthday you've ever had?

Funny you ask, as it was my most recent birthday, number twenty-two.

My family left on a travel soccer game for my brother, and I was left alone with only my younger brother. We didn't talk much, he mostly stayed home. I made some lunch and stayed home to. I went out a bit, but not really interacting much. Went to the post office to get my birthday card and a job application decline. Went to the store for some foods. Then back home. I chatted with my penpal from Europe, and ate some flan.

I did something else I sort of regret too.

I went yet again to the store for steak and lamb as a dinner for my brother and I. We went to church the next morning and later I went for a movie, courtesy of my aunt and her internet coupon skills.

It was kinda lonely. Maybe I wish I had a partner, or at least a best friend. It would have been nice to have more company and I would only blame myself for not seeking that. Next one will be better.

It may have been the year I had a birthday party and my mom took me aside to ask me a question. Meanwhile everyone paired of/grouped off for a scavenger hunt without realizing it left me without a partner. I was desperately fighting tears as I left my house to see if I could find some other kids, but I was introverted and shy more than anyone realized and was very uncomfortable with the idea.

I was very lonely and sad. But I heard a "God whisper". Like God spoke to me and said this is for you, and I looked up to my left and saw the most glorious blazing red-orange ball of light (falling star?) lighting up the twilight sky. It just was incredible. When I caught up to the others, I asked if anyone else had seen it, but nobody had. I still felt sad and lonely, but not invisible. And I've never seen anything like it since. It was huge.

Sometimes I to lazy to celebrate my birthday concentrated on other important things in my life. So I was never sad.

And everytime I spent time for preparations in a birthday, I such invited the person I want to see.

And all of them came having a nice day.

But I remember a birthday I felt broke as well, and going to cry. This feelings belongs to my alcohol and cannabis consume at this birthday and my burnout.

I was the most drunken person on my own birthday, kicking everything out of my home because I got terrible.

It was the worst birthday with 22 years. But many person like me, so I were happy the most time I celebrate my birthday with the friends who knew me.

Have you ever eaten something you never thought you will?

I will answer this question for you. After my first break up I went to Thailand for a break. I was all in all emotional and really needed a break from everything and everyone. So, it was all of a sudden I went there like a backpacker with good

What is the difference between communism and juche ideology?

Juche ideology is standing on three pillars1.Independent economy2.Independent political culture.3.Sociel Independence.But it evolved through generation such that north korea is economically independent,politically independent and also socially ,made them isolated from outer world from economical,political and social point view.Thus they created a country full of people brainwashed by their leaders.Now coming to communism it says

How much should I tip in South Africa?

I think this will depend on the experience. If the service enhanced the experience, do 15 to 25%. If service deminished the experience, I generally will speak to the waiter and point out why I did not tip. Hopefully, they take the feedback in a constructive way