What's the rudest thing you've seen at the gym?

In "the gym," I will include junior high basketball tryouts. Early on, possibly the first day, I was guarding another guy as he dribbled the ball down the court.

I was to dribble the ball back to the line as he guarded me.

At the end of his "run," he blatantly elbowed me in the mouth. My nose and lips were bleeding. I had to exit the floor immediately.

The coach only commented, "Way to draw the foul." Nothing, to my knowledge, was said to the other guy (who should have been sent home then and there).

Not a gym enthusiast. Can't rightly comment.

It's a tie between the gym bro's that drop weights after a set and refuse to rack them afterwards or the little miss thing wearing her spray on outfit and heavy perfume that spends more time trying to attract gym bro than sweat. Seriously, save the mating ritual for whatever pit of despair you call a club! Some of us are trying to stay in shape. And for Arnold's sake can we please learn to wipe down your equipment after your sets? Thank you....

Sorry this is a sore subject that I could rant on for days. ...fricken gym bro's...

What 10 rules should every restaurant follow?

THIS IS SARCASM IF YOU SERIOUSLY COULDN'T TELLThe customer is always right. Even when they are vehemently wrong, they are correct in their assesments.Always give discounts for every single complaint. Your cocktail had no lemon sitting on the side of the glass? Discount. You waited an extra 5 minutes for the free complimentary bread?

Why does BYU ban beards?

Because BYU is a private school, they are allowed to enforce arbitrary rules which they call the Honor Code* that correspond to their own standards for conduct. Being well groomed (cleanshaven) is part of this code and is enforced at facilities on campus. Apparently exemptions can be made to the beard policy, but I guess that these are only

What's one thing you wish you believed?

That schools are serving students as their primary goal.Reasons I can't bring myself to believe it:Happy customers don't commit suicideSuicide is the leading cause of death for college studentsNational Data on Campus Suicide and DepressionSatisfied customers get what they pay for...or at least don't net a negative